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About Chopsticks House Altrincham

Chopsticks House is easily one of the best restaurants in town. Our fantastic dishes and great services are what distinguish us from our competition. The dishes that we have are not only tasty but they are also availed in a huge variety. You can enjoy different cookery styles as we take our inspiration from various regions of China and Asia. Ultimately, the food experience that we provide is like no other in the city. The freshness, richness, and quality of food is best-experienced right at our premises. In addition to amazing dishes, Chopsticks House is also a revered restaurant for hospitality services. You will be received with a smile and then proceed to be served by enthusiastic servers. Our team takes the time to explain to you any part of the service that you are not familiar with. We do this with the skill and zeal that it deserves. The restaurant is also a great place to come and share a great time with those you love. Come and share the awesome experience at our restaurant today.

Chopsticks House Altrincham Restaurant

You can find us at 30 Moss Lane, Altrincham, WA15 8HW area. Enjoy the best Chinese takeaway in an environment that is welcome and warm. We have a huge array of dishes and you can be guaranteed of something that appeals to your taste. In order to enjoy our services from anywhere, we recommend that you get our mobile apps. We have availed them in the App Store and Google Play. Order for your preferred dish today and enjoy the best quality in the city.

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